Expand your market with Magento website hosting

Rely on a Magento web host to get in on one of the most exciting new products to hit the e-commerce scene in years!

Magento website hosting will give you all the support and power you need to take advantage of Magento, a relatively new open-source e-commerce package. Magento has only been publicly available since 2008; already it's been deemed a huge success, with skyrocketing popularity.

The goal of a Magento web host is to offer clients flexibility. Magento was designed to let today's store owner be creative - to put the control of an e-commerce site squarely in the hands of the merchant, with as few restrictions as possible in the flow and design of his or her e-commerce site.

Magento website hosting will allow you to use Magneto's many features, including:

Multi-store feature. Develop micro-sites or satellite stores to target specific customers. All the sites can be linked together and managed by a single store manager. This is a great tool for using you Magento web host to expand your market.

Marketing tools. Magento offers a number of promotional tools you can adapt to your own use: flexible coupons, promotional pricing, free shipping options, search-engine friendly URLs, new item promotions, polls, wish lists, RSS feeds and more. Up-sells and cross-sells are also available.



Analytics and reporting. Magento website hosting will further boost your ability to track and monitor your product inventory and sales. Manage product reviews, coupon usage, invoices and more. Create sales reports and tax reports.

Advanced checkout included. The Magento web host streamlines the use of Magento's one-page checkout, an efficient tool that, again, will allow you to choose the options you want to offer. Your customers can use the checkout as a guest, or register; allow shipping to multiple addresses; add gift messages and save shopping carts. Magento website hosting offers top-notch security too, for both you and your clients.

And more. Magento offers a huge and stable array of features to meet all your e-commerce needs. Manage your site and catalogue easily; optimize your application to work with mobile devices; simply and easily manage customer accounts, customer service and invoices. And Magento is available in many languages, ensuring you can reach the audience you want.

Your Magento website hosting service will also support PHP, MySQL and the other applications you need for Magento to run smoothly.

To learn more about e-commerce website hosting, check out our article on pointers for choosing an e-commerce hosting provider and our list of Top 10 E-Commerce Hosting Companies.

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