Mambo: The Power of Mambo Hosting

A Mambo web host could be the best friend you've been looking for! You may not have heard of Mambo yet, but you've most likely visited a website built using it. We're serious!

The Mambo platform is a content management system - basically, it's a system you can use to build, maintain and organize your website. And at these very basic and important tasks, Mambo excels. Most of today's top web hosting companies also offer Mambo website hosting, but it's worth investigating to be sure. A good Mambo web host is vital if you plan to use Mambo to support your site.

Why choose Mambo?

You can use Mambo without any web programming or HTML knowledge. This is obviously a huge advantage to first time web developers! The page editor is similar to a word processor and you can manage your site through the Mambo interface with a clearly laid out point-and-click plan.

It's easy to use but it's expandable enough for advanced users.

Who uses Mambo?

In a word? Everyone! Well


What features are available?

This is a long list, but for starters, Mambo offers: built-in help files and search engine, customizable layouts, polls, surveys, templates, news feeds, ease of editing, user management control and more.

Why is Mambo website hosting so popular?

First comes the ease of use, as mentioned above. It's fully featured, so with the right Mambo web hosts, you can be virtually assured of finding the tools you want to build the website you envision. As well, Mambo is open-source - meaning it's free to download. It brings with it a loyal community of developers and users who constantly work to improve the product. Mambo runs on both Windows and Linux platforms, which means it is easy for the majority of computer users to access it.

How does a Mambo web host help?

Mambo website hosting will fully support Mambo. You will likely be able to download Mambo directly from your control panel; this should be a simple task, requiring just a few clicks.

A good Mambo web host will also support Apache, PHP scripts and MySQL databases. These are important for smooth Mambo operations.

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