Miva Web Host: Help your web business boom

Miva web hosts are at the top end of e-commerce hosting. Miva itself is a computer scripting language, used primarily to develop e-commerce sites and storefronts. If you want to use Miva or Miva Merchant, make sure you look for Miva website hosting.

A Miva web host will support the Miva script and offer the power to back up a busy e-commerce business. The Miva script was first developed in the late 1990s and has been used by thousands of e-entrepreneurs and website developers since.

Although Miva, as mentioned above, is a specific script (kind of like the more familiar PHP) you will most often see it referred to in conjunction with "Miva Mechant." Miva Merchant is both the name of the development company and the popular software package it promotes. In general, Miva Merchant will carry a price tag; a Miva web host that includes Miva's impressive products may cost a little more - depending on your situation, it may be money well spent.

Miva website hosting simplifies the process of uploading, customizing and activating Miva Merchant. Miva is a relatively easy way to build an electronic store. Its capabilities include key e-commerce elements such as:

  • Cataloguing
  • Storefront
  • Product maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Category management
  • Shopping cart functions
  • Order processing
  • Payment and credit card processing



In this way, Miva provides a one-stop shop builder. By integrating and streamlining a number of e-commerce functions, it simplifies the process of setting up an e-store, multiple stores or even an entire shopping mall! Management of the stores is done through a browser-based interface; you can allow one mall manager or have individual store managers. The options are endless and completely up to you and your business needs.

A Miva web host will offer various Miva products within their hosting packages. While many Miva website hosting packages include all you need to get started - from security to storefront creation to reliable shopping carts - the software does allow you the ultimate in customizability and scalability.

Miva also offers marketing features; check with your Miva website hosting service and see if they support Miva's efforts in advertising promotion and more. Let your Miva web host work for you - you and your business will soon see the results.

For more about e-commerce, please see our article on points to consider when choosing an e-commerce host.

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