Educating Through Moodle Hosting

What is Moodle Hosting?

Moodle Hosting is an abbreviation for ‘Modular Object Oriented Digital Learning Environment’. It forms a virtual learning network with the Open Source Course Management System and the Integrated Learning Management System software, to transform the age-old classroom pedagogy into a more innovative and lively digital platform. With myriad programs, chart sheets, and assignment papers embedded into its system, its agenda is fast gaining approval from educational institutions throughout the world, as more and more students are getting hooked to its instructional methods.

Indeed, it has enriched the teaching methods employed by professors in various schools and colleges by the means of allowing both the pupils and their mentors to link to each other through a dynamic online program designed to include various curriculum manuals, guides, and soft copies of text books and references. Apart from the traditional classroom activities, students are subjected to a more intense and practical way of learning through Moodle Hosting.

Getting the Moodle Hosting server and script installed on your computer is a labyrinthine process, but a highly ergonomic one at that. You will require to log onto the official Moodle Hosting website and download the PHP script format from there, into your computer operating system. Then, you will need to add it to your host services for the eLearning interface to start functioning. These steps demand technical expertise and a lot of networking skill and thus, are best carried out by web programmers at an initial cost.

The Supremacy of Moodle Hosting in the Educational Domain

In case you are a tutor wanting to expose your students to world-class online facilities and a state-of-the-art online academic navigation system, Moodle Hosting services are your best bet. You can share information, ask questions, initiate discussions, and even conduct examinations and display the correct answers after the exams using the Moodle Website Hosting interface. Students no more have to worry about staying present during your classes, they can carry on their chores and hope to read their lessons online using the videos that you upload on the its software and complete the assignments later.

Another advantage with the Moodle Website hosting software is that you can develop courses in any way you like, with 100% creative and academic freedom. You can either use the hosting system in tandem with your existing education imparting programs or let Moodle Hosting completely take over your education needs. With a host of user-friendly features and easy operation techniques, Moodle Hosting is in use by many colleges, schools, and companies worldwide.

Customized Moodle Hosting Services for Effective Online Tutoring

It has several features such as plug-ins, databases, and webinars to accommodate the efficient relaying of information between the teacher and the student. Some of these features include:

  1. Discussion Enhancement Tools
  2. You have online chat options, group discussion panels, and several forums where you can communicate with students and inform them either in person or collectively about notices, sessions, and examination timetables on Moodle Hosting.

  3. Curriculum Manuals
  4. Also called as lesson modules, the curriculum manuals are pre-designed by it and include a variety of personality enhancement exercises and activities to enable overall learning and knowledge assimilation online. You can disregard these modules if you like and prepare your own educational material using the customize option.

  5. Extra Learning Materials and Tools
  6. Is there something more that you would like your students to know? You may use the files uploading wizard on it to put up additional online tools for your students to take advantage of. Besides, there are innovative features like time tracking and course plans too, for you to organize the way you teach your online lessons.

  7. Date Stamped Assignments
  8. It gives you the ability to post assignments for every part of the unit completed and monitor your wards’ performances through the online checking and answer guide available for your review. Each assignment has an expiry period and a date stamp on it to make students aware that they have to complete it on or before time.

  9. Quizzes and Exams
  10. You can take quizzes and exams directly on your Moodle Web Hosting software with features such as writing space, calculators, plagiarism checks while uploading essays, etc. available. You also have a maximum marks section and a report that can be sent to students after their submissions are evaluated online.

Where to Look for Secure Moodle Hosting Services Online?

It is imperative that you choose reliable Moodle Hosting software and a web browser so that the privacy of your students is secured and identity thefts are minimal. See our Top 10 Secure Hosting Companies list for some web hosts offering top security options. While looking for Moodle hosting, you might also want to read up on Secure Shell Hosting.

In addition, you also have to check if the hosting provider supports PHP scripts and MySQL databases. Moodle Hosting services are compatible on all kinds of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX; nevertheless, we recommend running a free trial to ascertain the functioning of it before you decide to register for the service.

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