Music Web Hosting: Make sure you get heard

Music web hosting, in general, requires more space, heightened bandwidth and different features than a host for a text-only website. In order for your music or audio files to find an audience, you want them to be accessible, easy to play, and quick to download. Here are answers to some of the most popular questions about music website hosting.

How much space do I need for music web hosting?

Music website hosting requires more space ("disk space") than if you wanted to simply host text or photos. It's important you analyze the amount of space you think you'll need before you sign on for a music web hosting service - if you sign on for too much, you could end up paying more than you need; if you sign up for too little, your site may frequently crash or operate slowly. Or you may be hit with unexpected extra charges.

For most sites, 1 GB of disk space is sufficient. Even if you include some music and video on your site, 1 GB could be more than enough. However, if you plan on adding many music files, you may want a site with more space to offer you. music website hosting packages may even offer unlimited hosting - this may be what you're looking for; just make sure to read the small print. Sometimes "unlimited" does have limits.

What about bandwidth?

Bandwidth is an extremely important consideration of any music web hosting service. Bandwidth has to do with the amount of data you can transfer from your site/server to your visitors. Music website hosting requires a fairly large bandwidth if you want your music to play quickly and without interruption. Again, there are unlimited hosting options out there on the market, which offer unlimited bandwidth - but read the attached clauses.

Granted, most music website hosting services offer more bandwidth than any but the most substantial websites would want to use.



What is streaming audio?

Streaming audio is something you need to look for in a music website hosting provider. Streaming audio allows your site visitors to hear your music, podcast, or other audio file without having to download the complete file first. With streaming audio, your music web hosting provider will enable you to start playing music as soon as the visitor hits the site, if you'd like. You can also have song snippets or full songs, easily accessible through your music website hosting provider.

Are there other tools I should look for in a music web hosting service?

Absolutely - but what they are depends on your web needs. Do you want a blog? Look for blogging software such as WordPress or b2evolution. Are you hoping to sell concert tickets, music or merchandise online? Investigate the shopping carts your music website hosting company offers... and look for a host that is also respected in the world of e-commerce hosting.

A music web hosting service should fulfill the same requirements of any top web host: you want top security, plenty of flexibility, design tools and all the space and speed you need. Analyze your requirements and you'll be one step away from signing on with the perfect music website hosting service!

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