Perl Website Hosting: Why programmers love Perl

Perl website hosting supports Perl, a server-side scripting language used to write various programs. It's a high-level programming language, on one hand, but it also is extremely practical and widely used for a variety of purposes - system administration, web development, gaming and more. It is quite often the favorite script of Unix/Linux users.

If you've spoken to any programmers about this, you've probably already experienced the love. A Perl web host or a Perl programmer is passionate about Perl. Perl just seems to inspire more commitment and loyalty than most other scripts on the list. This is great for beginners: if you're interested in learning more about this method of programming, the Perl passion can be a great advantage.

In other words, you know the help is there for you. Signing on for Perl website hosting will give you the tools you need to get started; the Perl community is out there to help you through the rest. There are a number of on-line communities and forums filled with Perl people sharing ideas and answering questions. You won't be alone as you learn.

Because of the popularity of Perl and Perl web hosts, there is a considerable amount of available documentation about it. In parallel to the point made above, it's a real advantage to have a community around you, to instruct and support. In fact there is so much about Perl and Perl website hosting available that it's quite important not to let yourself get overwhelmed with all the online books and so on. Start with the basics!

Perl is considered a very expressive and functional scripting language, with few restrictions. There is more than one way to do things and you'll enjoy the journey along the road.



Since Perl came on the computer and web development scene 22 years ago, it has naturally undergone a large number of changes, and is continually being upgraded. Your Perl web host should support the latest version - currently Perl 5. Perl 6 is in development and promises even more streamlined advantages.

Perl itself is open source software, meaning it is free to be downloaded, improved and altered. But by signing on with a Perl website hosting service, you'll find installation is easy and support and integration are included. Enjoy the functionality a Perl web host can bring!

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You'll find most of the top hosting companies, as reviewed on this website, offer Perl website hosting. Check out our Top 10 Overall Web Hosts and find the Perl web host for you!

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