Photo Website Hosting: Be seen with a photo web host

Photo website hosting is for anyone looking to display more than a handful of pictures on a website. And even then - don't you want your pictures to look their best? Whether you're the family shutterbug planning a personal site full of family vacation pictures, an amateur photographer looking to sell a few shots, or a professional creating an online portfolio, you want a photo web host you can count on.

Site builders and gallery tools. If you're building your own website, make sure the photo website hosting service you choose offers features you can use. Look for photo gallery tools specifically, such as Coppermine, Gallery2 or another such service. These software packages can help you organize, back up, watermark, sell and display your photos. You'll likely also want your photo web host to offer database hosting with a number of included databases, such as MySQL.

Protect your photos. Photos can be priceless as memories of times past. If photography is your profession, well, it's all too easy to put a price tag on your work! In either case, you want to protect your valuable images. Make sure your photo website hosting offers spam filters and, ideally, offers (or at least supports) anti-virus or anti-spyware software. Also check the photo web host's uptime guarantees and server and site backups.



E-commerce. If you're looking to sell some of your photos, or considering trying to sell them in the future, check that your photo website hosting service has solid e-commerce features as well. Read our article on pointers for choosing an e-commerce website host and take a look through our Top 10 E-Commerce Hosting Companies for some ideas. The more research you do up front, the more satisfied you're likely to be with your photo web host.

Disk space and bandwidth. Showcasing even a lot of photos doesn't take up nearly the amount of disk space or bandwidth an audio or video-heavy site will. Even so, you'll want to ensure your photo website hosting service isn't going to choke or slow down every time you want to upload some pictures! Try to evaluate your needs, honestly, before you sign on to a host. You'll find many of the top web hosting companies offer more than enough - maybe even unlimited - disk space and bandwidth to meet your needs. Ensure there is room for expansion or upgrading in case your photo business takes off!

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