Why you need a reliable host

Why do you need a reliable host? It's a question you feel you shouldn't have to ask. Examine the top 10 web hosting lists on this site, and you can feel good knowing that there are many reliable hosts on them. Here are a few good reasons you should go the extra mile in ensuring you pick a reliable host:

For an online business

If you're running a business hosting site or an e-commerce site, you need to know your servers will be always available and your connections smooth. It's worth looking at the top 10 web hosting lists for businesses hosting and e-commerce hosting to ensure you get a reliable host to meet your needs.

For an online business, your website is your storefront and your public face. If it's down, if your clients and potential clients cannot visit, you might as well close up right now! But if you have a solid, reliable host, you'll be open for business 24/7/365 - which is the great advantage of an online business, isn't it?

Increased productivity

No matter what kind of site you're running, a reliable host can help you make it better. It's not only about uptime, it's also knowing you've got support that you can count on. If you have a question, it's important it be answered quickly - before you waste too much of your work day trying to sort it out for yourself. A reliable host can keep you on focus and on task. That's why we always consider reliability one of the top 10 web hosting traits to watch for.



Staying ahead of the competition

Whether you're into blog hosting - and trying to stay up-to-date with all the latest news, trends and gossip - news writing, posting entertainment listings or selling, you want to be current and always a step ahead. A reliable web host can help you do this.


Security is definitely one of the vital top 10 web hosting traits. Your own data should be safe on your site; your clients should enjoy the same assurances. Look for security commitments from your top 10 web hosting choices and make sure they're up-to-date and solid.

Peace of mind

The last thing you want to worry about is whether people are turning away from your site because of a technical glitch. A reliable host with a top 10 web hosting status will put your concerns to rest. Your reliable host will not let you down! It's like the business partner who will, hopefully, never call in sick.

Reliable hosting features

How are you going to know if you've got a reliable web host? Start by examining lists of the top 10 web hosting sites. Dig a little deeper and ensure your choice reliable host has:

  • An uptime guarantee of 99.9% or better
  • A data center with redundant power and around the clock security and technical staff
  • An active firewall
  • Up-to-date spam, virus and/or malware scanning or filterint
  • Regular backups
  • Money-back guarantees: a good guarantee is the sign of a host with confidence

With a little research you'll see your top 10 web hosting choices in no time! You'll find a reliable host to help your business or personal site grow.

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