What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is the newest up and coming source of income online, it lacks much competition, and anyone can do it. When you’re looking at becoming your own boss, or just want to make extra money on the side, than becoming a reseller-hosting provider may just be the thing for you.

Reseller hosting is really quite a simple concept. Large web hosting firms rent out a portion of their disk space as well as their bandwidth to an individual. The person who purchased this package will then break up the disk space and bandwidth in packages and sell those packages to other people.

Reseller hosting service has the potential to be a huge goldmine. This is because pretty much everyone has a website these days, and web hosting is what will keep their website online. So buying into the reseller-hosting program has the potential for you to have your own business that has almost no downside, and a lot of benefits.

When you get into a reseller hosting service from a big web hosting company, you become the middleman for that web-hosting provider, which you just bought a package from. Now you will have new clients approaching you to buy some hosting services. If you put this into a profit perspective, an example would be something along these lines: if you were to buy 1000MB of disk space and the same with bandwidth, and then you were to take this new disk space and bandwidth and split that into smaller sections, you could then sell off these smaller packages. Now break it into 10 individual accounts that have 100MB both disk space and bandwidth, and sell the 10 new accounts to your new clients who are looking for a web hosting provider. For each account, you can charge your new clients a low fee of $10 a month, making you $100 a month by providing reseller-hosting service. If you bought your 1000MB package for a monthly fee of $15, then you just made $85 for doing next to nothing.

This is a great alternative in contrast to having an online business like web design where you utilize your technical skills, but it requires you to purchase expensive programs before you can start your work. Where being involved with a reseller hosting service costs very little, while giving you a great return fast. One of the great things about reseller web hosting is that you require no technical skills, and you don’t have to buy anything to start your own business. There are many companies right now offering reseller hosting that has almost unlimited hosting options. However, the problem with the unlimited reseller-hosting program is that it is based on a pre-paid principle, making you pay for it in advance, hence placing a burden on your budget. This can be avoided by finding clients to sell your web hosting service to before you buy anything.

If you are really looking for a great way to make money in a very cheap fashion, you can have your own web hosting company and avoid paying the charges by using Resellers Panel. It’s quick and easy, with no hassle. With a few simple steps, that works like opening a new email account that’s from a free provider. This way has no signup or reseller fees, and you don’t need to buy any pre-paid services like some of the other alternatives within this market. When you use this method for your reseller hosting service, there are no fees for the hosting packages, servers, or billing fees. The issue with doing it this way is that you may not be able to offer as many options to your clients as you can with a paid site.

Most of these reseller-hosting programs offer Reseller Control Panel; this is a tool that allows you to have full advantage of configuring your own unique web hosting. This means that you will have access to set your own pricing and packages. Along with this access, reseller-hosting programs keep your information confidential. This means that they will provide all service notifications and billing to be billed to your clients in your brand name, so no one will know that you are a reseller.

There are also reseller-hosting websites that will offer to give you a discount using wholesale prices. This means that you will be able to get domain names, shared hosting plans, and server packages at unseen market prices.

So if you do decide to explore the fascinating cyber world of reseller hosting, you will have some things to figure out, like what services you would like to offer to your new clients. Some of the service items you are going to have to decide if you would like to offer to your clients are search engine optimization (SEO) tools, store fronts, domain names, dedicated server accounts, just to name a few. An important thing to remember while deciding what options to offer your new clients is that you want to make sure you do not over extend yourself. That being said, you want to make sure that you offer as much as you can, because your clients are more prone to purchase a reseller hosting service from you if they can have everything they need in one spot rather than splitting up the services.

It would be a good idea, when looking at becoming a reseller hosting provider to look into specializing in the services you offer, rather than over offering services in a wider range, especially if you’re just one person. Whatever reseller-hosting method you decide to choose, if done right you will be able to make a lot of money with very little cost.

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