Webmail looks better with a RoundCube web host

RoundCube web hosts bring you the latest in webmail hosting. Unlike the webmail applications we've all gotten used to - which can be functional, but look basic and are generally without style or extra features - RoundCube looks and feels like a desktop e-mail application.

RoundCube Internet hosting allows you to access your email from any computer with Internet access, just like traditional webmail programs. Only a couple years after hitting the market, RoundCube is already packed with features and functionality.

A RoundCube web host will support PHP and MySQL, which are both used to run RoundCube. RoundCube Internet hosting will also run off an Apache or LAMPP server. All of these necessary options are quite standard with most top web hosting companies.

And what makes RoundCube such an exciting product?

First, the look. RoundCube simply looks good. Unlike many of its webmail predecessors, which tend to be text-only or very bland looking, RoundCube has an appearance similar to many of the top desktop email applications. And at no additional cost to your RoundCube web host!



Not only is RoundCube Internet hosting familiar and thus automatically easy to use, it is also customizable. There is a template system for custom skins and colors so you can adapt RoundCube to look and feel the way you want.

Like your RoundCube web host, RoundCube offers sophisticated and advanced privacy protection. There is a long list of other features and benefits currently available through RoundCube Internet hosting. For one, RoundCube is currently available in 65 languages.

RoundCube web hosts also offer flexible message management, allowing users to compose messages with attachments, use multiple sender identities, use drag-and-drop message management, compose or forward messages with attachments and allow unlimited users and messages. RoundCube also allows users to compose in RichText or HTML, search messages and contacts and spell check as they go.

RoundCube Internet hosting is fairly new on the market, but it is growing in popularity. RoundCube's developers are constantly adding new features to the application; it's definitely a software system worth keeping an eye on. Watch your RoundCube web host for details!

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