Selecting the best SSL certificates

How to evaluate SSL vendors

The best SSL certificates will give your site visitors and customers the ultimate confidence in your operations. But there are an awful lot of SSL vendors on the market today. How to find the right one?

First, you want to look at the company itself. Because it is so important to have one of the best SSL certificates – any mistakes here will put your customers at risk and lose you business – you want to make sure you're dealing with reputable SSL vendors. Check the company history; make sure it's been around at least a few years. Read SSL reviews by experts and customers for some impartial insight.

Browser recognition. The best SSL certificates are recognized by virtually every browser on today's market. Look for a minimum 99% browser recognition or browser ubiquity rate. Good SSL vendors will have this number on display for all customers to see.

The right security level. Some SSL vendors offer more than one type of cert – there may be a basic security level, and an extended or premium SSL as well. Which are the best SSL certificates for you? Good SSL vendors will clearly indicate the differences between the two – and should not push you to buy something you don't need. In general, a basic or standard SSL certificate will be perfectly suited to small sites, including small e-commerce sites. Larger operations may select a premium level cert.

Customer support. Still have questions? The customer support team should be able to guide you through your quest for the best SSL certificates, and answer any questions you have. You might also want to check SSL vendors for 24/7 technical support.



Encryption level. All encryption is not created equal! The higher the level (the more bits) of encryption, the tougher it is for outsiders to break in. Do not settle for anything less than 128-bit encryption; these days, 256-bit is pretty much the standard.

Pricing. Price is never the only factor to consider and the best SSL certificates are not necessarily the most expensive. That said, there are times when you won't want to settle for the least expensive either. When looking at price also check the SSL vendor's policy on renewals, re-issuance, warranties and set-up fees. Check and see if the SSL vendors offer a money-back guarantee.

Site Indicators. Your site is secure and you want to let your customers know they're safe and protected by one of the best SSL certificates. SSL vendors should offer standard site indicators such as the “https” in the address bar (instead of “http”) and the locked padlock icon. Other options may include a green address bar, having the company name in the address bar, and a site seal.

Finding the best SSL certificates will require some research. Remember – offering a secure environment for your site visitors to shop or otherwise engage with you is key to the success of your business. Do not take short cuts with site security! Use our list of top SSL vendors to help you make an informed decision.

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