Send Faxes Online: What to Look For in an Internet Fax Service

The power and freedom to receive and send faxes online is something everyone should use. It is crucial to search for the best fax software available because it is only as good as the internet fax service you’re using to receive and send faxes online.

The first step, then, in finding the best fax software online is studying the internet fax services you have to choose from and selecting the right one for you and your needs.

On this site, we help to make the process to send faxes online a whole lot easier by reviewing most of the major internet fax services and evaluating them on strict and thorough criteria. Learning what we looked for in evaluating internet fax services will help you know what to look for, and how to make the most use of our reviews in choosing the best fax software you will use to receive and send faxes online.

They are as follows:

Price Value

Are you getting the best fax software for your buck? How much service will you receive for the cost? Will you get unlimited incoming and outgoing faxes for a pittance? Or will you get up to 100 incoming and 50 outgoing faxes a month for an arm and a leg? You should at least be able to get a free trial to send faxes online with the best fax software, (maybe even a free incoming fax number indefinitely), and no set-up fee or other hidden fees on service.


You hate it when you send a fax (through traditional methods) and it doesn’t go through. Do you think you’ll be any less irritated if you send faxes online and they don’t go through either? Some internet fax services offer delivery guarantees on their services and the best fax software for your needs.

Customer Support

It’s the same with internet fax services as it is with every other service-providing business – customer service is key. A company is only as good as the customer service it provides. How readily available are trained, knowledgeable, and friendly support staff to help you (business hours M-F, EST or 24/7/365)? And through what selection of methods (local or toll-free phone, email, web form, live web chat)? And lastly, what kind of self-support suite does the service offer? Does its user guides, tutorials, knowledgebase, troubleshooters, etc. cover all you need to know to receive and send faxes online using its service? The best fax software will have most, if not all of these attributes.

Ease of Use

Most computer users are not computer geniuses. Most of us rely on the software interfaces to guide us by the hand through the otherwise intimidating process of communicating our needs to it in a way that produces desired results (in this case: to receive and send faxes online). The best fax software companies will have guided wizards that lead you step-by-step through the process to receive and send faxes online.




In our reviews, the “features” category goes first. In this rundown, you will learn how to find the best fax software that will allow receive and send faxes online with no difficulties or hassles. We felt that it was important to convey the importance of fundamental prerequisites like price value, reliability, customer support, and ease of use before getting to the bells and whistles. But bells and whistles there are a-plenty (at least with the best fax software services).

Some of the most useful of those features which allow you to easily send faxes online are:

    • local, toll-free, and vanity numbers
    • address book/contact list
    • forwarding
    • retrieve faxes in your email
    • web-access
    • fax notifications/alerts
    • delivery confirmations
    • scheduling
    • batch faxing to a group or list
    • fax log

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