SSH web hosting security basics

SSH web hosting is a handy feature and one you may want to ensure is on your web hosting site's list of tools and benefits. Even if you don't think you need SSH web hosting - even if you don't yet know what SSH web hosting is - as you learn more about web development and expand your website, you may find yourself looking for just that.

SSH web hosting, or secure shell account, basically allows two computers to communicate remotely through a secure channel. In other words, it's a safe way to log in to another computer over a network, allowing you to work on another computer from a distance. This can be useful for managing web hosting sites (configuring accounts, setting up cron jobs, making backups) and data, as well as transferring files.  

Key to reliable SSH web hosting is finding web hosting sites that take security seriously. While using SSH, you will be communicating over a network - you want to ensure everything, including your login information and commands, are encrypted via SSH. The SSH web hosting program must have strict authentication protocols; you don't want just anyone to be able to log in from his or her own computer and access your account!

When researching web hosting sites, you want more than a commitment to SSH web hosting and SSH access. Look for a list of security measures, as well as uptime guarantees. You definitely want a reliable web host!



If you are unsure about SSH web hosting, or if you're a new web developer, you may also want to peruse the support help center of your web hosting sites. See if there is information about SSH web hosting, and ensure there's a live support person that can answer your questions. SSH web hosting is useful - but only if you configure it and manage it correctly.

If you've heard about "telnet," some of this may sound familiar. Telnet is also a way to communicate between computers, however SSH web hosting is considered more secure as everything that is transmitted is encrypted (telnet sends true text, which is easier for hackers to see).

Most Linux and modern Mac users will note that SSH functionality may be already installed. You simply need, in this case, web hosting sites that are SSH encryption capable - this should be listed in your SSH web hosting package.

To help you choose the best web hosting sites for your needs, have a look at our Top 10 SSH Web Hosting companies. To learn more about how SSH works and important features, read our article about SSH web hosting.

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