Tips for e-commerce entrepreneurs: pitfalls to avoid


Website hosting providers will offer you a range of tools and features to help you build a strong e-commerce site. Web hosting reviews can help you select a website hosting service that fits your needs and basic security standards. But then the rest is up to you. As you build your awesome e-commerce site, make sure you don't fall into any of these traps:


Studies show that you've got between three and five seconds after a visitor lands on your page to catch their attention. It the world of Internet shopping, patience is not a virtue practiced by many. Having a slow-loading site might have nothing to do with your website hosting provider (though it might; check on your bandwidth and disk space) - you may be at fault for cramming too many complicated graphics, videos or flash animation onto your home page.

Keep your site simple and clean, and if you have a splash or stand-alone page at the front of your site, make sure the visitors who want to skip it can.


Your website hosting provider may provide you with design tools and templates that will help you organize your site. You'll also need to learn to use and manage databases to keep your products in order - these will likely also be provided by your website hosting service (check web hosting reviews to ensure).

Navigation through your site should be clear. If a visitor is looking for a particular product, he or she should not have to flip through several pages to find it. Make sure your internal links do not go to blank pages or "sorry no products at this time" messages. The fewer the pages the better; let users know exactly which buttons to hit to go where.

Before you launch your site with the website hosting service, take time to check your shopping process - do a little trial shopping trip, make sure your shopping cart is set up correctly, and try the steps your customers will have to follow to purchase an item.




You may take great pride in your mastery of Flash animation or the latest application you've been experimenting with. Fair enough. But don't let fancy tricks get in the way of quality content! Most visitors don't want to have to deal with distracting animations, music they can't turn off, or splash pages they can't find their way around. Take up too much of your customers' time and you'll lose their business.

Audio and video are also powerful tools in business hosting. Check web hosting reviews to make sure they're supported, but use your knowledge wisely!

Asking customers for too much

Today's consumer knows a bit about e-commerce and website hosting. They are wary about giving too much personal information, so don't ask for it. If you don't need your customers' birth date, don't ask. Again, keep it simple. By the same token, you should let your customers know who you are and where you're based. Make sure a link to your contact information is provided on every page.

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