Top 10 web hosting features

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
Many of the top 10 web hosting providers offer unlimited benefits, and the word "unlimited" is itself working to attract a lot of customers! If you're considering a hosting provider with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, make sure you take the time to read the fine print and ensure you are aware of any limitations or extra fees that may be in there. For more, read our article Are unlimited hosting services for real?

Around-the-clock support
Support accounts for a few of the top 10 web hosting features. Here's the first! You just don't know when you're going to run into a hosting issue, and it's good to know that you can reach help when you need it.

Toll-free support line
And here's the second support-related top 10 web hosting feature. A toll-free phone line is a great bonus: why should you have to pay the long distance rates if you find a glitch in any of your web hosting sites?

Self-help support and tutorials
You don't want to call a support line at every step of the web development process. Take time to look around your web hosting sites for video tutorials, a searchable knowledgebase, downloadable documentation and so on. An active user forum can also prove handy.

Uptime guarantee
This top 10 web hosting feature is obvious - but don't just take it at face value. Try to examine the web hosting sites actual uptime log; make sure that there is a mechanism in place to protect you in case of severe and unexpected downtime. At the very least, you may be eligible for a refund.

A site builder
If you're going to be building a site, you'll need something to build it with, right? Look for a site builder that meets your requirements and skill levels.



Control Panel
Most, but not all, of the top 10 web hosting providers offer cPanel control panel. CPanel is the industry's most popular control panel and if you're one of its fans, you should keep an eye out for web hosting sites that offer it.

Programming service
The top 10 web hosting services will offer access to certain programming scripts. Look for PHP, Java and/or ASP, which are some of the most popular scripts.

You can build a simple website without a database but, odds are, you'll eventually want at least one to help you manage content. Your web hosting sites should list how many databases your top 10 web hosting package includes. This could range from just a few to an unlimited database option.

This one is up to you
The final top 10 web hosting feature depends entirely on your needs. Are you starting an e-commerce operation? Then you'll need shopping carts. Want a blog? Make sure your web hosting sites are compatible with the top blogging tools, such as WordPress  or b2Evolution.

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