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SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layers". SSL certificates are used to keep private information safe, especially while performing online transactions. The encryption provided can only be deciphered by the browser and secure servers. Transaction data exchanged between two parties are kept encrypted and away from the public, similar to checking credit cards and account numbers or personal info like home address and social security numbers. These SSL certificates must be authenticated and verified from SSL providers. Normally, there are two kinds of certificates for any site: the root certificate and the signed certificate. The signed certificate means the validity of the document has been verified by an authority, like GoDaddy, and also indicates to users that it is safe to do business with the website. The root certificate comes into the picture when you are completing a transaction. The security is provided via data encryption and SSL providers ensure that it is safe to perform eCommerce business.

Free Versus Paid SSL Providers

There may not be any need to pay for the security offered by an SSL certificate. You can get free SSL certificates, however they do not offer the same security level as the paid ones do. Generally speaking, there are more downsides to free SSL certificates, which justify the use of the paid ones offering higher security levels. The free certificates can work at the basic level, like verifying the domain name of the other party. Another problem with free SSL providers is that these certificates are not considered as trustworthy and, as a result, might have the effect of making your site less trustworthy to potential customers. This low reliability factor combined with slow running make the free SSL providers less popular. Also, payments cannot be secured on free SSL providers. These certificates also come with a bunch of Internet apps users do not care for. Paid SSL providers offer better security and they actually verify the physical existence of a company. There are some providers offering high level of background checks for corporations, but they come at a price. These providers will verify the domain name and related phone numbers, along with confirming the identity and the authority of the person making the transaction.

Selecting the Best SSL Provider

When selecting the best SSL providers, know that there are many out there offering competitive services, which will in turn allow you to get the best value for your money. While looking fovr the best SSL providers, you need to ensure that the following features are a part of the services offered: a wide range of SSL certificates from established certification authorities, 99.3% browser ubiquity, excellent encryption levels for meeting security strength requirement (128/256/1024/2048), and guidance on the most suitable SSL security for you. Apart from these, also ensure that you get excellent pricing, 24/7 tech support, and some cost-effective offers like discounted packages for bulk purchase and saings on multiple year subscription. You should also receive installation support, unlimited free of cost re-insurance policy with simple renewals, and other interesting features like a free "SSL secure site" seal.

It is a fact that SSL is a trust builder for any site. So selecting the proper certificate provider from a number of SSL providers can ensure that the eCommerce businessman is relieved from security threats that may potentially harm his prospective earnings. There are a number of SSL providers who not only offer a great experience in terms of simple SSL security provision, but also give you a good deal.

Best SSL Certificate Providers

The best SSL providers in the world include VeriSign, GoDaddy, COMODO, Geotrust, Digicert, and Thawte. These offer better security, are faster to resolve customer issues, and provide a seal confirming a website is secure. They will also provide vulnerability assessment to thwart hacking attempts and prevent the site from being blacklisted by search engines in case malware is found. They will offer better warranties and refund policies. Basically, it matters how much security you need to run a safe and profitable business. If your business conducts high levels of sales, it is advisable to opt for the best SSL providers because the higher cost will pay for itself in greater security from fraudulent credit card users, electronic theft of critical info, and other Internet interference that may affect your business negatively. Simply put, if you have vital info that needs to be protected on the Internet, go for the best SSL providers.

Out of the popular choices, GoDaddy is the most recognizable due to its excellent branding. Customers always prefer something they heard about.GoDaddy also offers cheaper options. Another popular brand is VeriSign, which has gone a long way towards earning customers’ trust, although they are a tad expensive. Opinions about COMODO vary a great deal, but they offer options for everyone. The cheapest is Digicert, all the while providing excellent service and customer support. Thawte is also on the expensive side but again, it is a matter of trust. Before you make your decision, research and compare. There are many options out there and you most certainly will find one that fits your needs, for the right price.

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