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Finding and choosing a top web host isn't always easy. There are so many web hosting companies out there, and it's hard to make the right choice if you've never done it before. But, it's not impossible - you simply need to dedicate a little bit of time before you sign up to a web host company.

The easiest way to find a top web host is to use our handy top web host reviews. We've done all the homework and provide an unbiased opinion on many web hosting companies.

Secondly, you may want to go by personal recommendation. If someone you know uses a particular web host company and tells you how reliable and professional it is, then you're already halfway there. In this instance, your friend will have done the hard work for you and all you need to do is to check out the top web host company for your individual needs.

If, however, you're doing all the work yourself, it may take more time before you can hook up with the kind of top web host you want. The first step for many of us is via an internet search engine. This is a useful tool, but can be overwhelming as you'll get literally hundreds of results. That's where Hosting-Review's top web host reviews can take the sting out of this search, and you can also use the internet to cross-reference. Feel free to browse our web host company listings and then do some additional homework on your own. This can give you a valuable idea of what goes on once you're signed up!

Another good tip is to look at what our top web host companies do with their own websites. This isn't just a question of looking for flashy design, but at what they say (or don't say!) about their services. However, if the website looks very basic, contains no real information, and has no web host company information or contact details, then don't take them too seriously. After all, they aren't taking themselves that seriously either! A top web host will clearly list its address and contact details, and should have a support page that makes it easy to work out what to do and who to contact if there are problems.



Support is one of the biggest issues with web hosting, and you do want a top web host that will be there whenever you need it. Live support should really be an essential part of your choice if you need your site up and running all the time - i.e. if it's your business site. In all cases, you shouldn't just be looking for a breakdown on the web host's packages, but also for the information behind it. This will probably include a list of the technology the web host company uses, its web hosting expertise, and a list of its web hosting services. If you are looking to host a retail site, for example, you should be looking for a strong track record in eCommerce technology and security.

The choice of top web host will vary from individual to individual. So, while it will be useful to know what other website owners think, the ultimate choice is down to your preference. As a baseline, a top web host will allow a range of packages according to the size of your site, its traffic, and your preferences. A key factor in your choice should be whether the web host company gives you room to grow (because that is hopefully what your site will be doing!) either within your initial package or at a reasonable additional cost.

One of the greatest problems we come across when choosing a top web host is that we will never know how good the service is until we actually try it. A good web host company will not tie you into a long-term contract that will prevent you moving if you don't like the service. Most top web host companies will allow a trial period or money-back options if you want to leave the service or if they don't meet their service guarantees. This kind of flexibility is what you should be aiming for when looking for a top web host.

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