Trends in web design: use contemporary website hosting tools

To make the most of your website hosting package, you want to use available tools to make your site communicative, functional and attractive. Use hosting reviews to ensure your website hosting provider is up on the latest trends and offers support in creating and maintaining a website that will take you into the future in style.

Here are some important considerations when designing a website for today's discerning, and wary, consumer.


We know, website security isn't a design feature! But with so many stories in the media today about data breaches, data loss, identity theft and fraud, you want your visitors to know their private information is safe with you. This is particularly important if you're running a business or ecommerce site, but any website visitor wants to know they're protected. If you're a business, make sure you provide a link to your privacy policy. Make sure your address and contact information is visible.

Read hosting reviews to ensure the website hosting provider you choose has the necessary secure hosting features. You can make mention of these on your site.

Green hosting

Similarly, green hosting isn't a design element per se, but if you sign on with a green website hosting company, you may want to promote this on your pages. With environmental consciousness being such a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world, signing up for green website hosting may not only be a good thing to do, but a good business decision. Check out our hosting reviews for green web hosts to find out more.

Animation: use sparingly

Flash animation is wonderfully diverse and accessible, and supported by most of the top website hosting providers. But it can also be overused. Animation, just like cutsie graphics and capital letters, is a powerful tool in website design - as long as it is used properly, and sparingly, for proper impact.



Practical and informative

The day of the dizzying design is done. Content is king, as the cliché goes, and you'd be well served to pay attention to that fact. Keep your writing and design clean and concise. Today's web surfers don't have the patience to weed through unnecessary filler.

Blogging and other interaction

Today's website hosting packages are usually brimming with easy-to-use content tools. One of these is likely to be a blogging tool (WordPress and b2evolution being two of the most prevalent). Checkweb hosting reviews for all the details! You may also want to consider a forum, discussion board or a newsletter to reach out to your customers. Invite their participation and they will return for more.


Similarly, tools exist now to create personalized pages for your clients. This makes a page visitor feel valued and can go a long way towards inspiring loyalty. Check the features offered by your website hosting plan for more.

Check hosting reviews to make sure you sign on with a website hosting company that will allow you to design and promote a site that visitors will want to come back to, again and again.

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