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In the UK, reseller web hosting is just starting to gain traction and is still in its infancy stage of growth. There are only a select number of key players who can be considered the Best UK reseller web hosting companies, which we will talk about in a minute. But first what, is reseller hosting? You may have heard of shared hosting before, which is where multiple websites share disk space on a single server, hence the name. But UK reseller web hosting is a little different: reseller hosting accounts allow companies or individuals to start their very own hosting service, where they can sell shared hosting plans to their own customers and make a profit. In essence, you pay a hosting provider for disk space and bandwidth on one of their servers. There are no huge upfront costs to acquire servers or maintain them and as your business grows, you can simply purchase more space at a nominal monthly increase. Following are some of the companies currently operating in the UK reseller web hosting market.

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Now that you have had a chance to look at some of the best UK reseller web Hosting companies, let’s talk a bit more about some of the advantages of going with a UK reseller hosting company. If you have been thinking of getting into the web hosting market, but do not have the start-up capital to do so, reseller hosting is the way to go. All the technicians and hosting infrastructure are already provided for you. You have no maintenance costs; you pay a flat monthly rate, no matter what issues arise with the servers; there is always room to grow; all of the above mentioned companies have multiple packages to choose from, so you can start out small and as your business grows, you can expand the space you have available; lastly, you have more control - you will have access to many features that allow you to control disk space, set bandwidth limits, and other areas that are important in managing your own site.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right UK reseller hosting provider, one of them being the disk space you require. If you are just starting off, 50GB of disk space is more than enough to get you up and running. There is no reason to start off with tons of disk space, as it will take you a while to fill that much; furthermore, why pay more for something you are not currently using. You can always increase your disk space when it becomes necessary.

Another consideration is how much bandwidth you have available in your reseller plan. If you do not have enough bandwidth to service your customers, you run the risk of slowing down their sites, resulting business and revenue losses. A good rule of thumb for determining how much bandwidth you will need is: for every GB of disk space, you should have at least 7x the amount of bandwidth. So in the case of 50GB of disk space to start off with, you should have at least 350GB of bandwidth available in order to operate customers’ sites smoothly.

You also want to pay close attention to how many domains and sub domains are available. Some of the best reseller hosting providers give all resellers unlimited domains and subdomains. This allows you to sell your services to as many customers as possible without having to pay any additional fees. The only limitation you have in terms of how many customers you can sell to is the size of the disk space in your plan.

Reliability of servers through the reseller is crucial when making your final decision. You want to make sure the company providing your storage space is up and running most of the time, otherwise you will have some very unsatisfied customers. If the uptime is not guaranteed to be at least 99.9% or better, you start running into some issues. Let me explain; the standard uptime is 99.9%, which works out to be an average downtime of about 10 minutes per week. This time is usually taken to install updates and makes necessary changes to the servers as problems arise. Even going down by as little as 0.1%, the downtime doubles in a week, which is a huge difference. If you are unfortunate enough to sign up with a company with a 99.0% uptime, you are looking at almost 2 hours of downtime a week, which is unacceptable. Make sure you pay close attention to these details as they can have catastrophic effects on your business.

Overall, when choosing a UK reseller web hosting company, be sure to look at how much disk space you get and what the bandwidth level is; their respective ratio should be of approximately 1:7. Ensure you have unlimited domains and subdomains, so you can sell to as many customers as possible. Finally, do not settle for an uptime of less than 99.9%, otherwise you and your customers will both be unhappy with the service. Be sure to read some of our company reviews to get a better idea of which UK reseller hosting provider is right for you.

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