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A web hosting directory provides the resources you need to decide on the best web hosting situation for you, your company, and your website. Since there are hundreds of companies and plans to choose from, it is virtually impossible to find what you need without a web hosting directory. A website hosting directory - such as that found right here on Hosting-Review, offers a listing of the top companies available and generally includes cost and feature information. In addition, it offers unbiased reviews according to its own established rating system. A web hosting directory typically rates:

  • Price

  • Site services

  • Uptime

  • Speed

  • Technical support

  • Overall reliability



A web hosting directory is a tool to help you compare all of the options available for your particular platform. While you are shopping for a web hosting company, start thinking about your domain name. Your domain will be the identifying URL address you would like for your future site. Some providers can offer multiple domain names on their server, enabling you to choose exactly the one that you want. Others may use the provider's domain plus your site's name. This information should be listed in the website hosting directory you are using. If not, contact the various providers and find out the following information:

  • Will they register a domain name for you?

  • What are the options regarding names?

  • Will you own your domain name?

  • Do you have full rights to take it with you if you ever switch providers?

You cannot choose a domain name without knowing the limitations of your provider. The name is worthless until your host recognizes it by an assigned number. There are many other issues that need to be looked at as you search for the right web host. A web hosting directory will not only provide you with information you need, but will provide direct links to the websites that interest you. A web hosting directory will help you identify potential problems before you make a commitment.

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