Use Web Hosting Reviews to Your Advantage

Find the truth about web hosting providers

Without web hosting reviews, poring through all the web hosting providers out there to find the one for you can be daunting at best, downright overwhelming at worst!

Thankfully, web hosting reviews exist to tell the inquiring consumer what the websites of the web hosting providers themselves can never tell you about themselves: the unbiased truth.

The following are just some of the ways that web hosting reviews can help you choose from the ocean of web hosting providers before you.

Price Comparison: If you haven't yet noticed, many web hosting providers make it very difficult to find their subscription prices on their websites (until you sign up for their free trial, at least). But web hosting reviews lay that information out clearly in front of you.

Features Comparison: Sometimes you don't even know that a feature you need exists until you find out about it from web hosting reviews. For example, long ago this writer never knew what Fantastico was (it's a collection of powerful website tools - forums, polls and surveys, hit counters, etc. - that many of the best web hosting providers offer) until reading about it in several web hosting reviews.

Customer Reviews: It's one thing when the web hosting providers themselves are tooting their own horn. It's another thing when web hosting reviews try their best to give you an impartial assessment of each web host. But you go into a whole new league, one all it's own, when you bring in customer feedback. That's the surest way to get an unbiased idea of a web hosting providers worth. And as luck would have it, the best web hosting reviews sites include it.



Hosting Plans: Sometimes you want to skip all the hype and get straight to the numbers, and when you do, the best web hosting reviews sites lay all that most-pertinent information out for you clearly and in an easy-to-compare format. When all you want to know is the amount of storage space and bandwidth you're getting and whether it supports your operating system (and other such logistics), don't turn to the web hosting providers themselves. There's too much smoke-and-mirrors in their delivery. Browse your favorite web hosting reviews site instead, and get the down-low without all the hoopla!

Top Lists: And if you really want to skip all the reading entirely, a web hosting reviews site will often have a Top 10 list of their recommended web hosting providers.

Coupons: Not every web hosting reviews site has coupons for exclusive discounts on service with their recommended web hosting providers. But the best web hosting reviews sites do. And make sure you're not being whitewashed: make sure the discount your web hosting reviews site is giving you is not the same one you can get by signing up at the web hosting providers site itself.

Many of the best web hosting reviews sites have a web page with a chart laying out in a neat and easily readable fashion how each of the web hosting providers compares to the others.

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