Email Account Tools and Capabilities

How many email accounts do you need?

One of the great features web hosts offer is email capabilities. By signing up for a hosting service, you're almost ensured to have access to a slew of email accounts that showcase your domain name. Consult hosting reviews for a look at the email features your chosen host may offer.

Just think how professional having your own multiple email addresses can seem! Let's say you run a small magazine called "MyMagazine." You can have email addresses such as:

Even if your magazine is a one-person business, having multiple email addresses can give your business added weight - and simplify your email organization. And when you have more staff, everyone gets their own email address. Web hosts are a great benefit in this way.

Even a family website, an e-commerce site or a site for a non-profit organization can truly benefit from multiple email addresses. Check hosting reviews and you'll soon see that most top web hosting companies offer many email addresses, should you want them. Some web hosts even offer unlimited email addresses.



As you read down through the email features listed on a web hosts site or in hosting reviews, you may notice some other email options:

POP3 E-mail: Post Office Protocol, or POP, is the standard client/server protocol used to send and receive email. With POP email accounts, email messages are received and held on your web hosts server until you (the user) picks them up, using a program such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.

IMAP Email: Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is considered an improvement over POP, though they work in a similar way (emails are held on a server until you pick them up with an email program). IMAP's advantage is that you can set it up so you may receive email messages on more than one computer (one at home and one at the office, for example).

Webmail or web-based email: this type of email service allows you to access email through your preferred web browser. This means you can access your email account from any web browser, anywhere, which can be a huge advantage, especially for those who travel. Web hosts will often provide easy set up of a webmail provider.

Web hosts often offer more email tools or features, such as mailing lists, auto responders and virus and spam filters. These are all worthy tools and worth scanning hosting reviews for!

As well, there are web hosts out there who offer email hosting as an option. This is a low-cost option for those who would like a domain name and email addresses - but aren't ready to launch a full website.

Just remember - use web hosting reviews to help you find web hosts that are reliable and offer secure email options.

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