How web hosts protect you: the best web hosting services offer useful security tools


Web hosts should offer you security-specific features that can, when used properly, greatly increase the security and stability of your website. This is especially vital if you are running an e-commerce or other business website. Before you select the best web hosting package for you, look for some specific tools, such as:

Anti-spam email filters
The best web hosting services provide anti-spam email filters to help protect you from infected attachments and malware. Spam is becoming a huge problem, with a majority of messages in circulation actually registering as junk or spam. From bulk emails to out-and-out scams, get your spam filters in order and protect yourself from all of them.

Virus scanning
Similarly, many web hosts will offer you virus scanning services or software. These can really help you ensure your email is secure and clean. That said, you must always adhere to common sense habits of self-protection: be wary of email messages coming from people you don't know; never open an attachment you are unsure of.

Password protection
Web hosts should offer you password protection for your directories, which in turn will contain your files. Make sure you select a difficult-to-crack password: use a combination of letters and numbers and do not use your name, mother's name, pet's name or birthday. In fact, avoid all dictionary-level words.



SSL Encryption
Especially if you are running an e-commerce site or any type of online business, you should invest in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate or encryption. Most web hosts, particularly ones that offer e-commerce web hosting, will offer SSL capabilities. The SSL may carry a small additional cost, but that fee will be well worth it to ensure you and your clients have safe and secure transactions.

The SSL certificate will change the browser from http:// to https://. Your visitors will look for that extra "s" in any situation where they may want to share personal and payment information. Make sure your SSL certificate is current to ensure your best web hosting business opportunities.

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Data Center
Web hosts all rely on their data centers to run smoothly. Take a few minutes to ensure your web hosts data center has redundant power supplies, quality servers and other top-notch infrastructure. Look for fire suppression and cooling features, as well as physical and server security.

For more on what to look for in a data center, read our article on What's in your data center.


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