Website security and website hosting: the latest solutions

Website hosting and website security should go hand in hand. There's no question about it: the best web hosting services will offer its customers a package that keeps you, your website and your data safe and secure.

Ultimately, the responsibility for website security is yours, as the website owner. It is up to you to ensure that all the latest updates are in place and that you have engaged all the security measures you can. Some of these are common sense: keep your passwords hard to guess, encrypt your wireless connection, and don't share personal details - this includes those passwords - with anyone.

That said, website hosting services should also offer tools and support to help you along the way. The best web hosting provider for you is, no doubt, one that will protect you as much as possible. While you continue your search for the best web hosting service, you might want to ask about these points:

You're read the web hosting reviews and you've learned about secure hosting. It seems almost every web hosting package offers a firewall of some sort. This is a great start - but those firewalls mean nothing if they are not regularly updated and configured to meet your computer's needs. Can you make changes to the firewall offered by the website hosting service? It's best if you can.

Data encryption
Data encryption is always important, but if you're looking for e-commerce website hosting or business website hosting, it is vital. SSL encryption translates readable data into code which is difficult for outsiders to read. While this may not be included in basic or budget website hosting packages, it is generally possible to purchase a security certificate for a small extra fee. With this security certificate, you can assure your clients that their data is safe with you - and you have built the best web hosting package around.



Shopping carts
Not all shopping carts are created equal. Research the different shopping cart options available and make sure the one you pick can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Take some time to set up your shop correctly and securely; your business is worth it.

Password protection
All of your passwords should be a combination of letters (lower- and upper-case) and numbers. No birth dates, pet names or combinations like 123456! Your website hosting service may offer password-protected directories - ask.

Server security
Do some reading about the data center your website hosting provider uses. The best web hosting services will provide full details about their data center, including its physical and network security. This information should also be broken down for you, in easy-to-read form, in website hosting reviews.

Remember, your website is vulnerable at all times to all manner of attacks. However, with the proper tools and services in hand, you can greatly reduce your security risk. Before you sign on with any website hosting service, do some research and make sure all your questions are answered. With the proper homework, you'll select the best web hosting service for you.

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