Website security and Internet hosting: the latest threats

Internet hosting services generally offer all the services, support and tools you need to get your website up, fast. Web hosts should also provide you with some basic website security solutions to ensure you and your precious data are safe from today's Internet hosting and website threats.

Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of electronic viruses, bugs, worms and botnets out there, poised and trying to find a way into your computer. Spyware and keyloggers get into your hard drive, record and transmit everything you type (including passwords). Hackers may break into your wireless network or otherwise access your computers. New computer threats emerge every day - and web hosts, no matter how powerful, cannot fully protect you.

Ultimately, Internet hosting and website security is your responsibility. And remember: it's not just your own data you must protect, but that of your customers and clients. Particularly if you're involved with e-commerce web hosts or business Internet hosting, signing on with secure web hosts should be a primary concern for you.



Knowledge is always a powerful tool. To help you put together your own Internet hosting security plan, here are some of the latest threats to be aware of:

Trojan horses
Disguised as useful or friendly applications, these pieces of software actually contain harmful code that can get into your computer and wreak havoc. Ensure you have installed anti-virus and anti-spyware software (your Internet hosting service may offer these as part of your hosting package) and keep it up-to-date.

Free hosting sites
Free Internet hosting services can be very attractive - the budget can't be beat and many beginners turn to no-commitment web hosts to try out the web world. But be careful! Free Internet hosting services and free blogging services can harbor malware and other computer gremlins. Research any free web hosts you are considering and read the associated web hosting reviews before signing up.

Credit card fraud
If you're running an e-commerce business, you need to pay particular attention to this. Credit card fraud and identity theft are fast-rising crimes and you definitely don't want to help the fraudsters along. If a hacker gets into your site and steals the credit card information of your customers, not only will you have a lot of (rightfully) angry customers, but you can also kiss your business goodbye. Who is going to trust you?

Make sure your Internet hosting provider offers a top-level e-commerce package. Don't cut corners: if a security certificate is going to cost a few extra bucks, so be it. Pay the fee and protect your fledgling site. Read web hosting reviews carefully to ensure you're getting top security backup from your web hosts.


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