Who needs a SSL Certificate?

SSL certs are most often used by e-businesses, e-tailers and other operations that involve credit and debit car transactions. SSL certification is absolutely necessary in these cases, to keep financial details safe as it is being transmitted. Without an SSL cert, it is all too easy for hackers to steal and misuse this kind of personal information.

But SSL certification should actually be used by any website that uses a form or other method to transmit information. From a simple e-newsletter sign-up to an account login, any transmission should be protected by the basic security offered by an SSL cert.

You should consider purchasing SSL certification if your website does any of the following:

  • Accepts credit card or debit care transactions
  • Prompts users or members to enter secure login, password or account information. It is important you do everything you can to protect your clients' password details – an SSL cert can help you with this.
  • Links to webmail or other e-mail applications. An SSL cert can encrypt your email server so that you can send messages to it securely
  • Uses any shared workflow or project management software
  • Asks visitors to enter personal details – even just an email address – to sign up for a newsletter
  • Asks visitors to enter a Social Security Number, Social Insurance Number or medical information
  • Invites visitors to fill out a survey or form of any type
  • Uses FTP to transfer files



SSL certs are also used to protect your control panel login, network traffic, any transfer of files, databases and much more. Basically, if your website collects or handles any information you want to protect from hackers or intruders, you should purchase SSL certification.

By using an SSL cert to build a virtual fortress around certain areas of your site, you offer a safe environment for interaction and purchasing.

As online security threats (and awareness of them) grow, SSL certification is going to be demanded by more customers and web surfers. Just imagine the result if your business or website was responsible for compromising the personal or financial information of visitors? Today's consumers love to shop online – but they are still a little wary.

Purchasing an SSL cert is a small investment that will give you impressive returns in the form of customer trust and loyalty. Consider SSL certification a necessary purchase that will help you boost sales and broaden your customer base.

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Who needs a SSL Certificate?