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Hosting Review exists for a couple of simple reasons: because not all web hosts are built alike, and no single web host is right for all customers. So we help you sort the wheat from the chaff of web hosts, giving you the information you need about the leading web hosts out there to make an informed decision as to the best company to host your website.

Hosting Reviews: The Whats & Whys

A simple Google search for "web hosts" or "web hosting" will reveal that the Internet is inundated with them. As with any market saturated with providers, how is a customer to decide which one to use, aside from snappy advertisements? Word-of-mouth is certainly the most relied upon method of getting recommendations of businesses to patronize, and what is a customer review if not the media evolution of word-of-mouth?

People rely on reviews to compare prices, features, services, and customer satisfaction, to name a few, and all in the search for the best value. Web hosting reviews provide people with comparisons on just that: price value.

The Value of a Hosting Review

Does a cheap price alone determine the worth of deal? Of course not. What you get for that price is the question. In the case of a web hosting review, price value reflects a number of quality imperative to keeping your website up and running smoothly and consistently, namely the following:

  • Disk Space & Bandwidth: These two figures determine how much content your website can contain (or how "big" your website can be) and how much traffic your website can handle. Big websites need lots of disk space; small websites, not so much. Heavily frequented websites with large potential visitor bases need lots of bandwidth; niche websites with fewer and infrequent visitors, less so.
  • Customer Support: Invariably, you're going to need to contact your web host for some concern or other (and if not, then you're one of the rare lucky few.) When you do, you're going to want to know a few things: that they'll be available for you when you need them; that you'll be able to reach them the way you want to (phone, email, chat); that it won't cost extra to get the help you need; that the person helping you speaks the same language as you, is courteous and, above all, familiar with your problem and adept in fixing it.
  • Datacentre: This is the building where your website will "live". Issues of power, temperature/humidity, technology infrastructure, fire & flood protection, and physical and technological security are all essential to keeping your website operating. Website owners with a local market or a local base of operations may also prefer their datacentre be situated nearby, making for faster website response times and better search engine positioning for local-based searches, among other benefits.
  • Uptime: When a visitor wants to check out your website, you want to know they'll be able to browse through every page they wish at a smooth and seamless pace. Reviewing uptime thoroughly involves looking at reliability (how frequently the site's pages are available to load) and speed (how fast pages load). Interestingly, most web host review sites will tell you a company's uptime guarantee, but few say anything about speed.

Which brings us to our next section: why reviews from Hosting Review surpass those from any other web hosting review site.

Why Hosting Review for Your Web hosting Reviews?

As there are any number of web hosts out there to choose from, so too are there many web hosting review sites evaluating these hosts. So what makes Hosting Review different? Why are the hosting reviews here better than on other sites?

Many web host review sites rank hosts in a top 10 list. All list prices, disk space and bandwidth allotments, uptime guarantees, and customer support info. But what they don't all offer, and what Hosting Review does, are:

  1. Trends - We give you a picture of how well a web host is performing in the marketplace, whether they're growing or struggling, by indicating either an upward or a downward trend in their popularity.
  2. Sales Index - A radar-style graphic indicating each web host's sales over the previous week in comparison to those of the overall market.
  3. Uptime Speed - As mentioned a moment ago, most web host review sites will tell you a web host's uptime guarantee, but we go the extra mile and, using our own monitoring stations set up just for this purpose, track and report on the speed of pages loading from the servers of the hosts we review, measured every 30 seconds for a 12 hour period each day.
  4. Customer Reviews - Typically you can either read a hosting portal's reviews (like ours) or customer reviews on a single site, but we offer both on the same site. Any customer of any of the web hosts we review is invited to submit their own customer review on our site. We've listed them all together under each web host, beside our Editor's review, with the easy-to-reference thumbs-up or thumbs-down beside each customer review and a tally at the top of each web host's customer review page reporting the percentage of thumbs-up and thumbs-down reviews therein.
  5. Video Reviews - As for our own editorial reviews of each web host, we offer not only a textual review you can read and print out, if you like, but we also offer video reviews of each web host.
  6. Score Index - Don't have time to read through numerous detailed reviews? Or done so already and need some way of combining all that info into a simple apples-to-apples comparison? Enter our Score Index, ranking all web hosts on all criteria delivered as a single percentage: 100% being best, 0% being worst. Evaluating web hosts doesn't get any easier than this.
  7. Top 10 Lists (Categorized Listings): Web hosting is a broad term that encompasses many different types of services fulfilling an equally broad spectrum of needs. So, for example, there's WordPress hosting for bloggers, website builder hosting for people who don't even have a website built yet, MySQL hosting for companies where databases run everything, UK hosting or Canadian hosting for businesses operating mainly outside the U.S., managed hosting for companies who don't have an employee suitable (or available) to maintain and administer their website, SSH hosting when security is paramount, even green web hosting for the environmentally conscious individuals and organizations. And these are just a few. What we do to make it easier for you to find just the kind of hosting you need is list the top web hosts (with reviews) according to such specific criteria. Need a virtual private server? Then skip to our list on VPS hosting. Opening an online store? Browse our list and reviews of the web hosts with the best shopping carts. So you see, we don't just give you the top overall web hosts; we give you the top web hosts for your particular needs.
  8. Editor's Picks - In contrast to all this specialization, here you can see which web hosts at the end of the day get the best all-around raves from our own editors.

Hosting Review also goes a step beyond reviewing web hosts to offer feature articles on the various specialty types of web hosting and how to choose the best web host for you.

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