Wiki Web Hosting: How to integrate Wiki on your site

Wiki web hosting has been growing steadily in popularity in the past few years. It's fairly new to the market, but strong, stable and incredibly useful. More and more of the top web hosting services are also Wiki Internet hosts.

What is Wiki?

Most readers will be familiar with Wikipedia, the ground-breaking free online encyclopedia, available in dozens of languages. has become a force to be reckoned with - it's now the largest encyclopedia site, by far - and it's done so by pooling the resources of readers and researchers around the world to build its millions of entries. Everything is written collaboratively by volunteers, and the result is an extraordinary source of knowledge, much of it peer reviewed. Wikipedia is supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

What's Wiki website hosting, then?

A Wiki Internet host allows you to develop a website in the Wiki style, meaning it is collaborative. By setting up your own Wiki, you allow multiple users to contribute, write and edit content. There are many applications for this, from focused Wiki knowledge sites with similar goals to Wikipedia, to business applications that allow employees to work together on corporate tutorials, manuals or other specific projects. As a tool for knowledge sharing, resource building and communications, Wiki web hosting is a new and exciting advance.



Why use a Wiki Internet host?

A Wiki Internet host should support MySQL, PHP and, ideally, run on an Apache server. Specific Wiki web hosting services will allow you to download and install Wiki applications quickly and easily. Once you get the basics down, Wiki is simple to use and maintain. You only need basic programming skills to use Wiki with your site, which are easily learned in such a collaborative environment.

What else do I need to know?

Well, you'll want to do some research about the different types of Wiki software and the advantages of each. The three most popular Wikis are outlined below:

Tikiwiki: Tikiwiki is often used to create business intranets. As a content management system, it also has a large number of other applications: forums, chat rooms, polls, FAQs, surveys, blogs, calendars and more. If this sounds good, look for Wiki web hosting that supports Tikiwiki.

Mediawiki: This is used to run Wikipedia and is becoming wildly popular on web sites large and small, for personal and educational use. Meidawiki supports many languages and styles, and allows for the easy tracking of content and editing.

Dokuwiki: This Wiki is used primarily for businesses, especially for teams and workgroups. It's a professional-level tool and requires MySQL or another database.  See our Top 10 Database Hosting Companies for some potential Wiki Internet hosts.

You'll find a number of the top website hosts listed on this site support Wiki web hosting. Visit the Top 10 Overall Hosting Companies list or the Top 10 Business Hosting list for some more background.

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