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WordPress hosting - or, at least WordPress itself - first came on the scene in 2003, when blogging wasn't nearly the communications phenomenon it is today. WordPress is a primarily a blog publishing application. In other words, you write the blog and WordPress will help you get it up online and looking the way you want it to. To make the publishing as smooth as can be, you'll want to make sure you're on with a WordPress web host.

Many of the top overall hosts do support WordPress, but not all. If you've been blogging for a while, you no doubt know the value WordPress can add to your words. If you're new to the blogging business, well


Let your creativity run wild: It's not just about the words. With WordPress hosting, you can customize your blog. There are thousands of templates and themes available, both through your WordPress web host and the whole wide internet.

Get down to business: Blogging is a great tool for marketing, promotion and building an avid customer base. If you plan well, WordPress can work smoothly with your business web hosting needs to properly position your organization.

Get functional: WordPress hosting allows you access to a huge range of plug-ins, opening even more opportunities to add components and function to your web blog. Want widgets? Prefer polls? Crave comments? There are literally tens of thousands of plugs to add almost anything you can come up with to your blog. WordPress also functions as a content management system, for those who code to take advantage of its capabilities. And with the right WordPress hosting, it'll look great and run smoothly.

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