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6 / 10
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I read few comments and if you use something for short amount of time please don't post. I have been with I Page for a while now aprx 11months. I created many support tickets and do they do answer fast but every time they say the same thing. I have no idea if i am talking to automated system or a real human being. my site is always down and takes forever to load about 85% of the time. Other 15% of the time its working okay. I use cms with php and IPage is very slow. They claim to have unlimited bandwidth and that is lie. As soon as I start working on my site i get error msgs. Besides that I page is constantly down. I try to access my webpage and too many times I cannot do it because IPage is down. They have nice features for beginners which I was when I started hosting with them but i had to learn the hard way that it wasnt my fault. If it wasn't for Ipage i wouldn't know half a things i do since i had to reasearch every problem. For the most part they keep their phpMyAdmin and my SQL updated and I didn't have any problems with those two but their reliability is bad since they are always down. Now I am looking for another host and so far what I have been able to figure out is this. If host company says unlimited bandwidth, that means very little bandwidth most of the time.