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At the time of purchasing the package When I completed payment I have learned that I will be paying more than I been told and to have ecommerce option I have to update the package. Next, when I canceled my web hosting service with 1&1 I have to keep my domain registration with them for next 60 days. When I tried to modify my DNS entry 1&1 system was not allowing me as well as Tech Support at 1&1 could not succeed. Forwarded to admin group did not fix the problem in 3 days. Staff lied to me that admin group is located in Germany THOUGH THEY ARE IN PENSYLVANIA for US account. Today is Monday I have no domain and 1&1 is just traing to sell me stories. I asked for Germany based contact info but I did not received one. Very Unsatisied with their service. Now I am on their mercy. offer better service and for less money.