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Carl Ruzycki
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Less than 1 month
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10 / 10
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10 / 10
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Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware if you decide to sign up with iPage. Make sure you followup on everything your request as they are not Johnny on the Spot and fprgetful. The biggest surprise is the " Anytime Money Back Guarantee" to me is I get 100% of my money back - Wrong Answer - iPage will give back what they deem meets the guarantee. Bottom, line to working with iPage - I really liked the customer service - the internal system is dysfunctional. I sent 3 support tickets to cancel the account as they forget to do things and then finally realized they forget and then the cancelled. After they had cancelled, I received an e-mail telli g me about a new order that I had placed (which I didn't) and couldn't understand how you place an or on a cancelled account. Just be careful and check them out before you spend your money because you won't be getting all of money back if you decide you have had enough of their crapola.