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Russ Alan
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Less than 1 month
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8 / 10
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0 / 10
0 / 10
5 / 10
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0 / 10
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Review of 1&1 Hosting:
I going to keep this brief for those reading – determine weather you or an IT subordinate is going to be dealing with the phone support before you sign on with any hosting company. If it is to be you personally (and not someone who enjoys poor phone support, and vaguely understandable English), GO ELSEWHERE! Phone support was all over the board, in all ranges of ridiculous. I've been with five other server companies over 15 years and this one has the least intuitive interface, most annoying back-end billing system, and (at best) mediocre phone support. I wish I would have stayed with my last hosting company even though it was more than twice as much.