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Peter Larsen
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1 - 6 months
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Price Value:
5 / 10
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0 / 10
5 / 10
5 / 10
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0 / 10
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Review of iPage:
What a strange host. I started out reading the TOS and did dent quit understand it, contacted the sales department with a few simple pre sale questions. Got a positive reply back and decided to sign up with them. The 2 questions ware 1. How can you call it unlimited hosting when your TOS clearly say that I am not allowed to have anything on your servers, specifically thinking about pictures here since what I need is 8+GB space to my collection all will be linked to thru a webpage, and I will I no way use your servers as a remote backup system for my pictures. In the reply I was told that I would be allowed to carry as many pictures as I wanted on my site, as long as they were linked to and available to the public. With this in mind I stated uploading my site and more importantly my pictures, I used 3 days on setting it up and 5 days trying to get a reply on a mail to the support asking why they had deleted my files. The reply came after 5 days telling me that I was using to much space in violation with ipages TOS. Forget ipage, you don’t get what that promise, and what you get isn’t worth the price they are asking.