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More than 1 year
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3 / 10
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7 / 10
9 / 10
3 / 10
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2 / 10
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Review of 1&1 Hosting:
In 2003 when I signed up it was fantastic. In 2006 customer service had degraded badly and quality overall was trending to poor. These days it varies from infuriating to giving up. Customer service is spotty from just annoying waste of time to 10% helpful. When I see the features offered by other top providers, I can't believe I still use them. Planning a move. But will the others be better? Hard to tell. And 1and1 does have very reasonable yearly domain fees. With a lot of domains it's a factor. Ranging from $2 to $10 more per domain more than 1and1. Load times for my sites have degraded more than noticeably. They offer very limited features for CMS, Carts and charge a lot for SSL. I see some have free shared ssl. A nice option. No Joomla help at all. But Joomla does run well there. And never had a db issue. The worst at 1and1 is the billing department. I'd rather trust Satan.