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4 / 10
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Note: This is what I am forced to say after 3 years, where i tried countless times (in excess of 15) to give Hostgator the benefit of the doubt and was very patient - still they know this is true, and they know it happens more often then they want to admit We have run several dedicated servers with hostgator from 2005 - End of 2007, nearly 3 years. This is a perfect example of "You get what you pay for". The only reason we where able to stay with them for any duration is becuase we have our own inhouse admin's. WE ARE MOVING NOW! The admin skill level inside of Hostgator is WHM/Cpanel and not of SSH & Linux, zero sys admins, or network admins, they get that from The Planet. The very few admin skilled individuals - I believe about 2. are nearly impossible to reach, even if you run several dedicated servers in excess of 500$ each per month (yes, you can get a server up that high in price at hostgator). The base configurations of the servers are highly outdated, from Apache 1.x versus 2.x, mySQL 4.x versus 5.x, and PHP 4.x verus 5.x. The max connection apache connections are flat out wrong. Its nearly a nightmare if security is your goal. The cpanel Fantastico (the free scripts) are not updated EVER, and released without several security patches. They wont support them. The general update process of the Cpanel, and Linux CentOS, or RedHat are limited if any. We have had problems from: uptime, email, apache, PHP, MySQL, and so much more ... If you want to run a basic, non production site - Hostgator is fair for the money. Adult or Web 2.0 sites should not be run from Hostgator. Support via chat is an absolute joke, they actually think a reboot ticket is the answer for major issues - its not! Adult sites will flat out not get the port size needed to run smoothly - 20Mb limits by vhost on a 100Mb line with no burst - and that comes straight from The Planet DC, as The Planet DC has max 100Mb but not in Houston where a majority if not all Hostgator servers reside in their reseller fashion. The phone level support is just slightly better (you must call the toll free #, its a must and there is a difference), but you will be given promises for completion and after you get off the phone, you'll be back on it in minutes. Email support is worthless, and the tickets as always are annoying - and more time consuming. If anything becomes mission critical - you had better have your own admin standing by - I am not sure what it takes to be considered a priority - but nearly 2K in expenses with Hostgator will not even get you noticed. All this leads to the fact that uptime is not by any means a priority. Support is limited greatly. They resell from The Planet (which is not a hidden fact)... The Price is good, the Customer Service is horrible! The Uptime reliability is less than average. Features are ok. Overall this is a 3 or 4 out of 10 on a 10 scale rating system. Lastly to those you how are serious developers - cpanel is a HOG, dont get me wrong, cPanel is a great CP for shared hosting - but keep you high traffic, extensive site structures free from it, Web 2.0 and cPanel is like Fire and Water. At Hostgator you have a choice of CP's either cPanel or cPanel - and if you are serious and decided to go no CP, beucase your SSH Level, Hostgator will spend at least 30 mins looking into you ticket as to why you dont have cPanel - the concept to them is just foreign.