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Some users might say good things about hostgator because they've never really experienced high traffic to there website. Once you have a large or high traffic website you will encounter numerous issues with Hostgator. I have a considerable ecommerce site that generates thousands of dollars in revenues every day. My site has been down all day so far and there's really no one to talk to at Hosgator. The CS rep seems to be his first day on the job and doesn't seem qualified to do anything that would help other then issue support tickets that go into a que. The one supervisor in today (Josh) simply does not want to take our call so that I can have my issue escalated (this is what I was told by the CS Rep Ross)...I guess hes busy with more important things, like his game of foosball! HEED MY ADVICE: If you are a larger site, or experience more traffic to your website, dont go with Hostgator. The money you might save in hosting fees will eat into your profits when your website goes down and will hurt your reputation when users get 500 error pages when the site or hosting is not available.