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I have been with HG for almost four years now, hosting multiple business-related and personal websites with them, and it is very unfortunate that after all these years I am forced to look for another hosting service provider. The reason is their horrible, horrible, nightmare customer support. So as long as you don't run into any problems or questions - you are fine. Everything works just great and you are generally very happy with the service; but as soon as something out of the ordinary happens - you are immediately in big trouble. I don't know what the underlying reason is... Is it that the support staff is simply incompetent? Or they just don't care about customers? Who knows. The outcome is this: there will be ridiculous obstacles appearing out of nowhere between you and the solution to your problem. You will be asked to provide irrelevant information. Multiple times, because, as it seems, no-one on the support team really reads your support tickets to the end, so don't bother explaining your situation in detail, you will still be asked the same questions over and over again. The person talking to you will be different every time, too. So don't count on someone digging into your situation and trying to do something. They will just build hilarious excuses to do nothing. And in most cases they will succeed, because customers have other matters to attend to, but the support team can entertain themselves like that the whole day. So I am a bit tired of support being the very opposite of forthcoming.