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9 / 10
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7 / 10
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I would recommend HostGator for those with small starter websites. I have owned and ran a business off of mine, and I wouldn't recommend it. I haven't tried a dedicated hosting server with them, so my opinions are based on the best of their shared host plans. Although their customer service is fairly quick and friendly there have had several issues with my site. One particular instance, their was an infraction that my web developer did and a bad script that they thought was trying to "copy" paypal's website as fraud. They had to shut down my site. They just wanted an explanation and for me to correct the script, that's perfectly fine but they could have TOLD ME they would need to shut down my site!!! They didn't, they just shut it off for several days until I went to it and noticed!!! On top of that, numerous times I have noticed my website running extremely slowly or not completely opening up at all! I would refresh and restart my browser and then try again in an hour and it would open.