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I have done it all, from shared hosting, to reseller to now dedicated servers and have been with 6 different providers over the past 13 years. Baring any drastic downgrade in the service and equipment I now enjoy, I plan to be with Hostgator for my dedicated servers for a very long time. And when someone comes to me with a site that I prefer not to place on my servers (too resource intensive) I always point them in the direction of Hostgator shared hosting or even to get their own Dedicated Server which, together with Hostgator support, I am more then willing to manage for them. They are a bit rigid when it comes to some of their rules and regulations but when you are dealing with so many customers you do have to toe the line, I can appreciate and live with that. If you are one of the few out that, like me, that has had to deal with tons of outages, lack of support or even sometimes down right rude support, go no farther. These guys are the bomb!!