Customer Info:
Andre Castro
Based On:
More than 1 year
Basic Host Details:
Price Value:
5 / 10
Customer Support:
3 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
Overall Rating:
1 / 10
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Review of iPage:
I had a website with IPage that ran smoothly for the entire first year that I was with them. Their customer support was good, with good response times as I needed them. The ease of use and user interface was really good as well. I tried another web host before them and could not navigate their interface or get a good response from the technical support staff. Where things went bad for me was the renewal. My renewal came up while I was between jobs so I ended up having a family member pay for my renewal. My first year was dirt cheap but the 2nd year was $120.00. After paying the renewal fees, I called to confirm that everything was taken care of, and was assured it was. A month and a half later my site was down again. I found out that somehow my hosting and domain security was renewed, but not my domain name! Because I didn’t find out quick enough the $14 fee was now an $85 fee. They could not explain how it happened that way, and because I didn’t get the name of the person that told me my account was in good standing, there was nothing they could do for me. To their credit I did get a refund, but I still can’t use my old domain name for 6 months!