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1 / 10
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Review of Canadian Web Hosting:
What started out to be a promising new hosting company for all my clients, quickly turned out to be a nightmare. I'm a freelance web developer and I needed a new hosting company that I could trust with my many clients websites. Canadian Web Hosting had all I needed and the service seemed excellent. Then I started getting calls from clients with "why is my site offline?' or "my site is really slow", or "our email is not working"....and on and on. These issues where fixed within a day or so, but it was the frequency they where coming up. It seemed at least once or twice a month one of my clients websites where having issues. The last straw was a clients site that was very slow due to being on a shared server which was boated. The site was moved to a new shared server and within 2 days after the move the new server was down. 2 days later the server was back working and my clients site back online, but the site was now missing pages, images, and the blog was completely gone! My client was understandably upset and so was I. I ended up losing the client because he said he could not trust my judgment with the host...although it's not my fault, I get it. So Canadian Web Hosting has cost me a client and now potentially more due to their un-reliable servers. I would say if you are like me and run a business developing websites for clients and your looking for a reliable hosting service, I'd stay away from Canadian Web Hosting, they are just too high-risk.