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Dave Jackson
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1 - 6 months
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5 / 10
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0 / 10
5 / 10
0 / 10
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0 / 10
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Review of iPage:
I switched to iPage after many years with another web host, tempted by the low price and good reviews of iPage. What a disaster. The basic plan has very few features, upload speed is very low, and worst of all they cannot even get the basic site features to work, or shall I say: they intentionally make worse features such as low access log updates frequency (once a day or few days, randomly) just to trick users to spend more on upgrade. A month into the switch, several pages were infected by walware and were disabled without warning or an e-mail. This had never happened to me for 20 years, and I do not have an easy guess password. I'm pretty certain it's some sort of inside job from iPage servers (siteLock trying to sell the product I wasn't interested in?) Then, I needed to check access log regularly, and realized it simply doesn't work. Made a dozen calls and the tech support is a biggest collection of useless folks I have ever had to deal with. Each one gave me a different answer. The "update now" button simply doesn't bring the stats up to dates, some days the log was updated hourly, the suddenly daily and then no updating for 2 days. called again, another ticket later, no answer and nothing got resolved. Finally, I'm sicken tired of iPage and realized all the good reviews I saw all BS and created by robots. I switched sites as fast as I can. This one, recommended by lifehacker, is way better and the decision was a no-brainer. I hope the bad apples like iPage die out as fast as it pops up. There is simply no excuse for idiots trying to make money out of others misery.