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Mr. Martin de Groot
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More than 1 year
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8 / 10
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10 / 10
10 / 10
8 / 10
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9 / 10
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Review of TMDHosting:
I am quite happy with using TMDHosting to host my websites. I especially find the Genius Support Team very, very good! Several questions which I raised have been responded to and solved within one hour. And when the issue was a bit more complex, each time I replied with my report about a persisting problem, the response of the Genius Support Team was very good, so that this more complex problem was also solved nicely. The features on the cPanel I find quite satisfactory. It gives me the good feeling that I am in control of both the MySQL databases and the websites which I am running. I came to TMDHosting because a another company where I was hosting an HTML only website could not accomodate me when I wanted to have a website with PHP and MySQL and using the Yii 1.1 framework. With TMDHosting this was no problem at all, and I recently had a small problem because I started to use the Yii2 framework, which required a later version of PHP on the server (at least 5.4, where I was using 5.3 with the Yii1 framework). This upgrade to 5.4 was something that I learned I could have done myself, through the cPanel, but as a convenience to me it was already done for me by the Genius Support Team, so that I could run my new Yii2 based website straight away. Excellent support, I fully recommend TMDHosting to any website-developer who needs a good hosting company for his websites!