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I've had a simple web site hosted by 1and1 for several years. They recently decided to increase my fees by 40%. Considering we're in a bad recession, costs for hardware and people are falling, that is considerable! So I tried to switch to another package. Since I could not do this online (they only allow upgrades, but not downgrades), I had to call customer support. The guy needed my account and password to enable an option for downgrading, but then I still had to go online and request it there. I ended up with the package I had requested, but now 1and1 is charging me for an additional domain, which I had not requested. Neither did I get a refund for the difference between the two packages. So I sent them another email, asking them where the refund was. The response I got back was that I should have responded to an email (which I never received) to cancel (I was trying to downgrade). Since 7 days had passed, my cancellation was now void. When I went online, it showed the downgraded package correctly, but no refund. I sent them a few more emails. Don't try responding to an email from one of their reps. It goes nowhere. You start a new email thread. With luck, they will respond once. If that does not resolve things, you need to start a new thread. I still have not received the refund and was billed for an extra domain I did not ask for. At this point, I will not renew with 1and1 again. It's just not worth the trouble.