Big Commerce Customer Reviews


Review By: James Thomas

Review: I'm a store owner and I wanted to expand my business online but I'm not to the point where I can hire a full-time internet guy so I went with Big Commerce. They have excellent support to help those of us that are not tech people....Read full customer review


Review By: Annette Garson

Review: This is exactly what I needed. I don't know anything about coding a website, so the drag and drop design that Big Commerce provides is perfect for me. I was able to setup my entire site with very little help from the support team....Read full customer review


Review By: Herman Cruz

Review: I've sold through ebay for years and now I wanted to have my own space to sell my products so I decided to start my own site. Big Commerce really caters to guys like me, I want a website that is easy to setup and easy for customers to use. My kids also tested the website on their phones and they said it looks good on their phones...Read full customer review


Review By: Brandon Sayer

Review: I tried the 15 day free trial and was not that impressed. Even though Shopify is a little more exspensive, it's definately worth they few dollars more a month! I will not be switching any-time soon....Read full customer review


Review By: Rhonda McQueen

Review: Highly customizable and very easy to use. I have even been completed by my clients, saying how much easier it is to buy product from my store now....Read full customer review


Review By: Steve Johnson

Review: Easy to implement and great support. I was pleased as to how helpful they were, they had my e-Shop up and running in no time....Read full customer review