GoDaddy Customer Reviews


Review By: John

Review: Great software for non-programmer type users. Can be a little hard to understand at the beginning, but really easy to use when you spend a couple of days on studying the system and software. Support team is very responsive and can help to resolve any issues. Highly recommend GoDaddy Cart to all web users....Read full customer review


Review By: Robert N.

Review: GoDaddy Shopping Cart is excellent for beginners. I have very poor knowledge of coding, but still I can modify my store the way I need. I like the way I can move blocks, change colors and fonts. It's really easy to set up products, menus and everything you need there. When I have troubles I contact support. Support team is very friendly and......Read full customer review


Review By: Brian

Review: I have looked at several online carts and this one is perfect for what we needed in our store. I needed a cart that allowed customization so you can fit it to your own design rather than vice versa. I have also found the support excellent and helpful. Go Daddy Cart is simple and easy to use. ...Read full customer review


Review By: Eric Morales

Review: This cart is horrible, and here's how I justify my rating: This is a basic cart. I can't stress that enough. If you're looking for a quick an easy cart. This may be alright for you. However, for any real modifications, this cart is NOT the best choice. Very limited community-forum support, and if you need to modify the cart to fit your need......Read full customer review