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Certs4Less is a one-stop SSL shopping experience! As a gold partner with four of the top SSL providers on the marketplace, Certs4Less offers you a wide variety of SSL certificate options – with a extensive support center and technical team to back each one up!

Certs 4 Less operates a little differently than some of the other SSL providers on this list. Instead of offering one house brand of SSL certificate, Certs4Less has sourced the leading SSL services already available. Because Certs4Less buys large quantities of certificates at a time, they receive deep discounts – discounts they pass along to you as the end user.

Although Certs4Less is new to the SSL game, they are not new to the web hosting and Internet industries. Since 1998, 4 Less Communications (Certs4Less' parent company) has operated Over the years, Dailup4Less and Backup4Less joined the family. The company owns and maintains its own high-end data center – and all customer service is done in-house.

Certs 4 Less is a gold partner with VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL, all quality SSL certificate providers. With a team of SSL certification professionals on your side, Certs4Less will ensure you get exactly the right certificate for you – at the right price.



  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Extra discounts for charities and non-profits
  • Option to buy in bulk and save
  • Four major SSL providers to choose from:
  • Rapid SSL: the lowest-cost certificate for stable and single-root sites
  • Verisign: this may be the most recognizable and trusted SSL name today
  • Thawte: fast issuance, global recognition and multilingual support
  • Geotrust: value-priced SSL certs, now with unlimited licensing
  • Toll-free telephone support



  • Gold partner with four of the top name brands in the industry
  • Customer support available to offer advice on the best SSL package for your needs
  • SSL renewal service to allow you to renew your certificate – likely at a lower cost
  • Offers domain validated, business validated, extended validation and wildcard certs
  • Certs4Less purchases in bulk – meaning you get a discounted price on the name brands you want
  • Extensive support and resource section
  • SSL certificates can be compared by brand name or type


Price Value

If you're looking for a great deal on a brand-name SSL certificate, Certs4Less may be your choice. The choice of SSL certs is nice and broad; the Certs 4 Less site is filled with useful information. The customer support options are less through Certs4Less than some other SSL vendors, however.

  • Domain-validated SSL: $25-$105/year, depending on the brand
  • Business-validated SSL: $125-$505/year, depending on the brand and SSL plan chosen
  • EV SSL: $399-$845/year, depending on the brand
  • Wildcard SSL: $145-$505/year, depending on the brand

Note: prices above are based on a one-year term; all brands offer discounts for signing up for multiple years.


Type of SSL Certificates

This is a long list at Certs4Less! Certs4Less sells SSL certificates by four major brands. Most brands offer most, if not all, of these types of certifications:

Domain validated SSL: basic or standard security level for sites with limited traffic. Only the domain on which the web site is located is validated.

Business validated SSL: a slightly elevated level of security; the domain and business information are examined during the validation process, offering greater comfort to site visitors and customers.

Extended validation SSL: this is the top level of security standard and designed to provide an improved level of authentication. EV SSL comes with advanced site indicators such as the green address bar.

Wildcard SSL: These SSL certs can be used on a primary domain and unlimited subdomains.

A little about the brands:

RapidSSL: the lowest-cost and fastest-growing SSL certificate provider. Immediate validation for their domain-validated SSL; unlimited server licensing and wildcard certs also available.

Thawte SSL: Thawte offers SSL certs in all four of the above categories. Thawte stands apart as a global player, with multilingual service, free re-issues and a money-back guarantee. Offers 99% browser compatibility.

Geotrust SSL: value-priced SSL certs with unlimited server licensing. All offerings come with a minimum $10,000 warranty; Geotrust offers six distinct SSL plans so you're sure to find a budget SSL to meet your requirements.

Verisign: Verisign is the world's leading Certificate Authority and the “Verisign Trusted” site seal is now recognized as the security seal to watch for. All Verisign SSL certificates come with a free daily malware scam. Certs4Less offers four Verisign plans with a minimum warranty of $100,000. Note Verisign does not offer a domain validated or basic certificate.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

For all the options Certs4Less offers, the service is easy enough to use. While the plethora of choice may overwhelm at first, a little reading on the instructive Certs4Less site will help you weed through the options. The renewal process is also easy to manage, and Certs 4 Less offers a handy SSL Installation checker which will allow you to see if your current SSL Certificate is valid with just a click of the mouse.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Certs4Less has a toll-free technical support phone number, although the hours of operation are not immediately obvious on the site. The FAQ section and help resources are quite extensive, however.



Warranties vary between the SSL brands; Certs4Less offers a 30-day money back guarantee.