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The SSL store is a dream come true for comparison shoppers. Why attempt to search and compare between websites when all the top offerings from the top SSL brands are in one place? is a platinum partner with four major SSL providers: GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte and the global leader in SSL vending, Verisign. A platinum partnership has to be earned over time: The SSL Store has proven to be a quality partner for these four brands, and the discounts they pass along to customers like you prove it!

The SSL Store allows customers to compare SSL certs by brand and type of certificate for a clear picture of which company is offering what. Each brand is backed by its own knowledgebase and The SSL Store's 24/7 support team. All certificates are exactly the same as what you would receive if you purchased directly from the brand's own website – just cheaper. What's not to love?

TheSSLStore will work with you to help identify and install the best SSL cert for your specific needs. Whether you're looking to secure an office intranet or a major e-commerce operation, look no further than The SSL Store for the products and service you need.



  • Price-match guarantee
  • 24/7 support via online chat and email
  • Extensive knowledgebase for each brand
  • Easy comparison charts by brand or cert type
  • Deep discounts on SSL certs from four major SSL providers :
  • Rapid SSL: the lowest-cost certificate entry-level websites
  • Verisign: the most recognizable and trusted SSL name today; high validation standards
  • Thawte: global recognition, international domain recognition and multilingual support
  • Geotrust: fast-growing SSL provider of value-priced SSL certs, now available for use across unlimited servers
  • Best partner program for repeat customers



  • Platinum partner with four of the top name brands in the industry
  • SSL Store constantly monitors the market to offer you competitive pricing
  • Enterprise tools for available for enterprises, educational institutions, government and civic organizations
  • Offers domain validated, business validated, extended validation, wildcard and code signing certs
  • SSL store purchases in bulk – meaning you get a discounted price on the name brands you want
  • If you purchase in bulk, you'll get deep discounts too


Price Value

As platinum-level partner of four major SSL providers, The SSL Store is able to pass along savings of up to 70% on the biggest SSL brands. You also get the benefit of 24/7 customer service and an extensive knowledgebase and resource section, which make it well worth your while to purchase from theSSLStore.

Prices range greatly, depending on the brand chosen:

  • Standard SSL: $10.99-$39year, depending on the brand
  • High-assurance SSL: $79.29-$666/year, depending on the brand and SSL plan chosen
  • EV SSL: $149-$1,0495/year, depending on the brand and SSL plan chosen
  • Wildcard SSL: $119-$351/year, depending on the brand

TheSSLStore also sells San, SGC and code-signing certificates

Note: prices above are based on a one-year term; all brands offer discounts for signing up for multiple years for most of their certificates.


Type of SSL Certificates

Do not be overwhelmed! Although offers dozens of SSL certs, most can be broken down into the four major categories:

Standard SSL: basic or standard security level for sites with limited traffic; also suitable for secured intranet operations. Only the domain on which the web site is located is validated.

High Assurances SSL: a slightly elevated level of security; domain and business information are examined during the validation process, offering greater comfort to site visitors and customers. Ideal for small and medium sized e-commerce operations.

Extended validation (EV) SSL: this is the top level of security standard and designed to provide an improved level of authentication – well worth the higher price in many cases. EV SSL triggers advanced site indicators such as the green address bar. At, Verisign is the major provider of EV certs.

Wildcard SSL: Secure multiple websites with one certificate as long as they share the same base domain name. Highly convenient for operations with numerous subdomains.

Once you've decided the category of SSL you need, The SSL Store lets you compare certificates by brand:

RapidSSL: if you're looking for a low-cost SSL solution, look no further than a RapidSSL cert from The SSL Store. Issued within minutes, RapidSSL offers standard and wildcard SSL cert.s RapidSSL offers unlimited server licensing for no extra cost.

Thawte SSL: Thawte heavily promotes its multilingual support, recognition of international domain names and robust authentication features. Thawte offers a number of certificates through TheSSLStore, all with high browser recognition and boasting the globally recognized Thawte name.

Geotrust SSL: the world's second-largest SSL vendor offers value-priced SSL certs with unlimited server licensing through TheSSLStore. Geotrust offers high-level warranties and worldwide recognition.

Verisign: TheSSLStore offers Verisign SSL certificates at up to 20% off. That's great value: Verisign is the world's leading SSL provider with almost perfect browser compatibility and the highest-level encryption and validation standards.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The SSL Store has developed an extremely helpful knowledgebase and resource center; there is also a knowledgebase specific to each SSL brand to really get at your particular questions and issues. Even new SSL users will find searching for and setting up an SSL certificate easy through

Customer Support

Customer Support

The SSL Store offers 24/7 technical support via email or live chat. The site also features extensive technical resources and a searchable knowledgebase.



Warranties vary between the SSL brands and generally start at $10,000 (though Thawte does not promote a warranty on the site); TheSSLStore offers a price-match guarantee.