Xtreeme MailXpert Customer Reviews


Review By: Graham Meine

Review: I started with a free trial, and after a few messages were sent out I saw that I needed an auto responder, bad! I got used to the interface quite quickly, and decided to stay with Xstreeme. I couldn't be happier. They deliver what they promise. I really love it!...Read full customer review


Review By: Trent Jones

Review: They say it doesn't require any programming experience, and they're right! This is the best, simplest autoresponder I've ever used, and I can't see myself using any other autoresponder, ever. Especially since I bought Xtreeme's standard edition, so I've got it for life. No monthly fees :)...Read full customer review


Review By: Justin Chin

Review: The set up was very easy, and so was using it. We figured out how to use it in no time, and, though all the features did take a few days to figure out, we now have so much choice when setting up our messages....Read full customer review


Review By: Tyler LeLacheur

Review: I like the fact that it's a one time fee for their product. It may seem pricey at first, but it easily pays for itself over time, especially because you're not paying monthly fees. They have so many features, and are not just an auto responder, they have emailing builders for newsletters as well. I can't imagine where I'd be without Xtreeme's auto responder....Read full customer review


Review By: Michelle I. Rich

Review: I called tech support a couple weeks ago because I had trouble with their software and believe it or not there were parts of the conversation where I had to correct the tech support. I called them for help and instead had to teach them things!! Xtreeme is a huge letdown....Read full customer review


Review By: Amy Smith

Review: I chose to purchase the professional edition and I am so pleased. They allow you to use any kind of attachments for the emails. They also allow you to customise so many fields when tagging subscribers, making sure you can personalize emails for every customer you've got. It really helps make customers know they're appreciated....Read full customer review